In 1861, W. B. Armstrong, one of the area’s first settlers, erected this building on the footprint of the old Tonkawa village and opened the “Shady Villa Hotel.” It is believed that the Stagecoach Inn is the oldest remaining structure in Salado. Many varied and distinguished persons found food and rest inside these walls:  Sam Houston, General George Custer, Robert E. Lee, Jr., cattle barons Shanghai Pierce and Charles Goodnight, and outlaws Sam Bass and Jesse James. Learn more about the Stagecoach Inn’s long history in Salado.

The Stagecoach Inn’s reputation has endured over the years and through generations of families who’ve celebrated many important occasions inside these historic walls. The restaurant’s menu has been updated to reflect modern dining habits and preferences, and its hotel rooms and grounds have been renovated with a mixture of mid-century Palm Springs and Texas ranch aesthetics; however, the core Stagecoach Inn experience remains as tribute to the rich history and authenticity of the Stagecoach Inn.

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